Study Visit to Finland on May 1st – 6th, 2017

Representatives of the Ministries of Education, teacher trainers, vocational teachers and companies from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania arrived to Finland on May 1st 2017 for a one-week Study Visit as a part of the project called “Testing New Approaches to Training VET and Workplace Tutors for Work Based Learning -TTT4WBL”. The Study Visit was organized by the Finnish partner, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College.

The visit started with getting acquainted with all the trainers from the three different countries.

During the one week Study Visit the participants benchmarked Finnish Vocational Education and Training, especially experiences of WBL, how it is guided besides training of workplace tutors and VET teachers in these matters. Participants visited local VET school and some workplaces where students, teachers and workplace tutors told about learning at work from their own point of views. Also Finnish apprenticeship procedures where presented and some experiences of using online learning to support WBL were showed. The last day of the visit took place in Helsinki visiting in the National Agency of Education and the Ministry of Education where they learnt about the VET reform taking place in Finland and promoting further learning at workplaces.

Doing final reflections of the visit.

Besides benchmarking Finnish VET experiences the one week visit was very important for starting the collaboration between Baltic trainers. The experiences they will get during the project when training altogether 800 WBL tutors in the three countries are used when developing the WBL tutor training model further both for the purposes of the Baltic countries but also to have an impact on the EU level developments. For this development it was very important that the trainers had a possibility to reflect and discuss between each others and also with their ministry representatives. so the vist was a countdown for the shared development.