Baltic WBL Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The aim of the joint Baltic Train-the-Trainer workshop was to prepare lead trainers (multipliers) of WBL tutors in 3 countries. The 4-day workshop (October 2-5, 2017) was held in Riga and it gathered 16 participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.  The development and design of the Baltic Train –the- Trainer workshop programme was led by the Latvian project partner – Baltic Bright. The workshop was delivered as an example model (prototype) of tandem training providing an opportunity for trainers ‘to be in the shoes’ of WBL tutors.  The last workshop day was dedicated to planning and drafting national training programs and meeting with researchers to learn about the evaluation methodology as well as to receive instructions for collecting research data during the field trials.

As a preparation for joint Baltic Train-the-Trainer workshop two introductory peer learning seminars for lead trainers were organized in Kaunas (June 15, 2017) and Tartu (June 19, 2017).   During these seminars participants had the opportunity to learn more about the Latvian example of tandem training programme and methodology, discuss the lessons learned during the study visit in Finland, and to reflect on each country’s specific needs regarding WBL tutor training.