The Research and Training Implementations in the Pilot Phase of the Experimentation

TTT4WBL project started the Experimentation as the 1st Field Trials in October 2017. The Baltic countries implemented the first WBL tutor-trainings and altogether 190 Workplace and VET tutors were trained during the two-month pilot phase.

The experiences of the trainings were gathered via tutor questionnaires from the trained WBL tutors. In addition, some data was collected with surveys from students and Vet School and company managers to get grass root level point of views of WBL. The researchers also had trainer interviews with the Lead Trainers about their experiences of the implementation of the pilot phase trainings.

All the data was analysed and the researchers presented the initial results at the partner meeting in Tartu 27th of February 2018.

Planning the second phase of the field trials based on pilot phase experiences took place in the project meeting held in Tartu in February 2018

Researchers made recommendations for the future implementation of tutor-trainings. Results were discussed with project partners and lead trainers at the project meeting in February 2018.

In addition, some common points were discussed to keep in mind the nature of the
Experimentation Policy project, including common evaluation and planning for the second phase of training sessions, data collection and co-operation. Changes for the second filed trial phase were jointly agreed.

As the closing of the pilot phase in March, the researchers modified the research activities for the second field trial phase which will be started in April 2018.