The second phase of the Field Trials in experimentation

The second phase of the Field Trials were started in March 2018. The Baltic countries moved to implementation of the second set of WBL-tutor trainings. By the end of May 2018 over 200 WBL tutors were trained in the three Baltic countries.

The Finnish research group is following the progress of the 2nd Field Trials via the data collection gathered through the online application. Like in the pilot phase, data has again been collected from WBL tutors with questionnaires.

Finnish research group members (from left to right) Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen, Leena Kaikkonen, Arja Pakkala (on the screen) and Tommi Veistämö in their research meeting on May 31st 2018.

Furthermore, school and company managers and VET students have been interviewed to collect their point of views of Work-Based Learning. Randomly chosen tutors have also participated in tutor group interviews.

Researchers have used Skype meetings, emails and face to face meetings to collect data from the Trainers about their training experiences in May 2018.

The WBL-tutor trainings of the second field trial still continue in June and further in Autumn 2018.

Latvian Trainers Ilze Briska and Beatrise Garjāne with the Finnish researcher Leena Kaikkonen and Latvian Lead Trainer Vita Zunda on the break of Ilze’s and Beatrise’s tutor training session in Riga on May 12th 2018.