Seminar on innovation in VET

How to stimulate young people’s interest in VET, the role of innovation in VET and the role of the teams of teachers and tutors in this process – these and many other issues were discussed on July 3 at the Ministry of Education and Science during the seminar on innovation in vocational education and training. The seminar was organized by the TTT4WBL project partners Ministry of Education and Science and the National Centre for Education in cooperation with the Association for Vocational Education.

“Vocational education has undergone a great positive change in recent years, and we can really be proud of the work done on improving school infrastructure, improving curriculum and developing work-based learning. The prestige of vocational education is gradually improving, so we have to work even more actively, to make young people proud of their choice to study in these educational institutions, and to motivate teachers to cooperate and work in an innovative way,” said Baiba Bašķere, deputy director of the Department of Vocational and Adult Education when opening the seminar. The TTT4WBL project was presented by Inta Baranovska, the project coordinator from the National Centre for Education.

The seminar was attended by UNESCO Secretary General of the Latvian National Commission Baiba Moļņika, representatives of the largest vocational education institutions of each region, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Centre for Education and the National Agency for Development of Education.  Among the participants in the seminar was also J.L. Fernandez Maure from Centre for Vocational Education, Innovation and Research (TKNIKA) in Spain who gave a feedback on the TTT4WBL pedagogical approaches and related it to VET developments and the role of trainer teams in the Basque country of Spain.

At the end of the seminar, participants participated in an idea bank, sharing their experiences and their vision on the importance of innovation in VET.