TTT4WBL project presented to Latvian VET principals

The Ministry of Education and Science, Latvia (MoES), has started a series of national and regional seminars/ dissemination events to promote the tandem training approach for work-based learning (WBL) trainers and tutors, developed within the framework of the TTT4WBL project.  On January 16 -17 the VET institutions’ senior management were acquainted by Ilze Buligina, MoES project manager, with the activities  already accomplished in the TTT4WBL project and the up-coming media campaign and dissemination events for 2019, stressing also the importance of Baltic co-operation in this field.  

The expert on training methodology Vita Žunda from Baltic Bright gave a more in-depth insight into tandem training and the training courses organized in the framework of the TTT4WBL project and the involvement of VET schools. The results presented are quite impressive both from the quantitative point of view (300 teachers and trainers participated) and also regarding quality – with reference to the actual positive feedback from the participants. 

The reported positive participant feedback was reinforced by the presentation of two course participants from the Riga Style and Fashion Vocational School – Vita Grīnbauma (deputy director) and Lilija Tauriņa (trainer) who shared their experience of the impact of the tandem training course for improved organisation of  WBL activities of their students and collaboration with companies. The school has organized two TTT4WBL training courses for WBL tutors from their school and enterprises.  Thanks to the tandem training approach both gained a better understanding of their WBL partner and the collaboration improved. After this training the school has new partners for WBL and stronger involvement of companies in the examination process and other areas.