Baltic WBL Tutor Trainers’ Workshop in Riga

On 19 and 20 February 2019, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian lead trainers gathered in Riga to share their experiences from tandem trainings for WBL tutors from companies and VET schools after completing the project field trial phase.

The workshop participants shared their training programmes developed in the project and training materials. Each country team compared theirs to programmes of other countries and discussed the similarities and differences in them.

There was also a session for sharing insights from the peer learning visits to observe training events in other countries. The trainers agreed that  it was a  useful  and  beneficial  experience  to exchange  best practice  examples,  learn new  methods  and  approaches,  to  see  different group  dynamics  and  how  the  workflow  is organised with diverse target audiences.

Project partners also discussed the possibility of developing a joint Baltic competence profile for WBL tutors. The first phase of elaborating it was part of the Needs Analysis stage. Each of the Baltic countries had prepared a list of skills and requirements for WBL tutors. Basing on a summary from this stage and the list of competencies from the questionnaires elaborated by the Finnish researchers country teams outlined drafts of a common competence profile for WBL tutors.

The researchers from Jiveskila University of Applied Sciences reported on data collected so far from surveys of participants in the trainings – VET schools and company tutors, students with WBL experience, representatives of the involved companies and VET schools. The data collection will continue till the end of March and the final data analysis will follow.