Lithuanian Association of VET Providers discusses WBL and Tandem Training

On the 11th of September, during the meeting of the Board of the Lithuanian Association of VET Providers the Board members together with a representative of the Ministry of Education and Sport discussed the situation of WBL in Lithuania and good practice examples from other countries. The participants of the round table discussion also debated the status and content of the apprenticeship procedure to be approved in Lithuania. As all VET providers in Lithuania participated in Tandem Trainings organized in the TTT4WBL project, the participants from different regions of Lithuania talked about the benefits of the training, the cooperation possibilities for the specialists involved in WBL in VET institutions and business companies, and wider communication of project activities.

As at present not all business companies in Lithuania are willing to cooperate with VET providers in the form of WBL, the members of the Lithuanian Association of VET providers expressed the need for additional trainings to promote the innovative form of training recognised in many European countries.