Policy makers and enterprises discussed work based learning opportunities and challenges in Latvia during TV show “Latvijas labums”


The project partners from the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a TV debate on work-based learning, the discussion was held in TV show “Latvijas labums” on September 25, 2019. Participants of the discussion were Zane Oliņa, Director of “Skola2030” – Competency Based Curriculum Project at the National Centre for Education, Andris Bite, Chairperson of the board Ltd. “Karavela” and Jānis Gaigals, Director of the Vocational Education Department at the National Centre for Education. Moderator of the discussion – Jānis Endziņš, Chairperson of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the debate, the participants discussed the VET system in Latvia, potential improvements, cooperation between schools and enterprises, support for development of work based learning, and other topics. Zane Oliņa stressed especially the need to make vocational education more attractive through excellent professionals as teachers and trainers who can provide high quality VET education and training.

2 parts of the TV program (in Latvian):

Part 1. https://xtv.lv/rigatv24/video/4rP7ekampBR-25_09_2019_latvijas_labums_1_dala

Part 2. https://xtv.lv/rigatv24/video/0MrpkKBEp4n-25_09_2019_latvijas_labums_2_dala