Presentation of TTT4WBL project to VET teachers

As the TTT4WBL project activities are successfully coming to the end the project working group of the Vilnius Car Mechanics and Business School (VAVM) decided to present to their teacher community the results of the project in the context of the new regulation of work based learning (WBL) in Lithuania and organize a discussion on WBL as a priority form of vocational training.

On February 19th, Lilija Pusvaškienė, the TTT4WBL project manager at VAVM presented the activities and the outputs of the completed TTT4WBL project to the teacher community of VAVM. There was also a presentation on WBL, its regulation and goals, and benefits to VET institutions and businesses.

The teachers showed interest in the project results and the provided information about WBL as a VET training form. After this presentation and discussion the teaching staff of VAVM will spread further the message about the Tandem Training approach and the WBL in Lithuania.