Competence Profile of the Workplace Tutor – poster available

TTT4WBL project enabled Baltic countries to join the forces and agree on basic requirements for competences of WBL tutors. The required competences are reflected in a common Baltic competence profile for WBL tutors. The Baltic WBL tutors’ competence profile will serve as a basis for similar contents of WBL tutors’ training programs across Baltics and will guide VET and company managers in WBL staff development. Similar approaches and quality standards across Baltic region will encourage more VET mobilities within the region and will raise the quality of Baltic exchanges of VET students and WBL tutors.

The common competence profile of workplace tutors is now available as a poster and ready for download in English and Latvian. Posters will be printed and sent to all VET institutions in Latvia in order to support the preparation of WBL tutors in companies.

In English:

In Latvian: