How to make your sex dreams come true

We all have sex dreams, but what if you could actually make them come true? Sex in the dream world is totally possible, and there are techniques you can use to get there.

It’s important to understand that your dreams are usually a reflection of what you’re thinking about during the day. So, thinking about sex during the day can lead to sexy dreams at night.

Practice Lucid Dreaming

While it is possible to have sex in your dreams without being lucid, it’s much more likely to happen if you are. The more you practice lucid dreaming, the more sexual experiences you will have in your dreams. To get started, find a technique that works for you to become lucid in your sleep, like the cycle adjustment method or using a lucid dreaming nootropic.

Once you’re lucid, look around the dream and see what kinds of sexy activities are happening. You can also ask the dream character for sex, but keep in mind that they might not be interested or might change their personality suddenly and completely.

To set the mood before you go to bed, listen to sensual music or read a sexy book or story. A lot of people find it helpful to watch a sexy video or even full-on pornography before they sleep, but if that’s not for you, try listening to a sexy audio story or a sexy podcast on Dipsea.

Change the Scene

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who can actually experience orgasms in their sleep, it’s not exactly easy to evoke sexual arousal while you dream. However, according to research, it’s absolutely possible.

For starters, think about your ideal sex scene during the day, and then see if you can replicate it at night. “The more you rehearse it during the day, the more likely your brain is to produce it at night,” says W. Christopher Winter, MD, a sleep specialist at Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine.

You can also try masturbating before bed, which may help get your mind and body ready to dream up a good time. But, be careful—if you don’t have the right libido to start with, it might not end up as you hoped! It’s important to always choose story over plot when it comes to sex scenes. If a sex scene doesn’t further your character’s journey, don’t force it!

Get Ready IRL

Your dream sex can feel real, so if you want to have more sexy dreams, make sure you’re ready for it in real life. Set the stage by laying out silky lingerie, lighting some candles and turning up the volume on your favorite sexy music before bedtime.

Then, when you go to sleep, visualize the scene of your sexy dreams. “Think about the person you’re dreaming of having sex with — whether that’s your current partner, an ex or even Ashton Kutcher if it makes you happy,” she says.

Remember, dreams about sex are more normal than you might think. According to a University of Montreal study, sexual dreams occur about 8 percent of the time, and most people dream about their current or past partners. But sexy dreams about celebrities or nonsensical characters like Shrek may also reflect existing feelings and interests. In this case, the dreamer’s psyche is probably just seeking validation from a celebrity it admires.

Talk to Your Partner

While sex dreams aren’t always literal, they can offer insight into your waking life. If you dream about an ex, for example, it could suggest that you’re struggling to make a new relationship work or that you have unresolved feelings about a past romance.

Similarly, dreaming about someone from your workplace may simply reflect that you admire certain qualities about them, such as their boldness or creativity. But if you dream about a close friend of the opposite gender, it’s probably more a sign that you are looking for intimacy.

To boost your chances of having a sexy dream, try listening to an orgasmic bedtime story or erotic audiobook as you fall asleep. You can find these on apps like Dipsea, which offers a curated selection of stories meant to stimulate libido before sleep. It might take a few nights to start seeing results, but the more you think about it during the day, the better your dreams will be at night.