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Research report

Leena Kaikkonen and Irmeli Maunonen-Eskelinen (Eds.) 2020. DOES THE TANDEM APPROACH WORK? Research on the experimentation testing the professional development model for tutors in work-based learning in the Baltic countries. Publications of JAMK University of Applied Sciences 277. Jyväskylä, Finland. (.pdf)
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Summary publication

The publication gives an insight into the tandem training approach and provides the main results of the TTT4WBL project in a nutshell:

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Competence profile of the workplace tutor – posters

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Tandem training approach to prepare in-company and vocational education and training institutions’ tutors for work-based learning

Cooperation of vocational schools and companies in implementation of work-based learning

Policy makers and stakeholders shaping work-based learning in Latvia






Other publications

Teachers and Trainers Matter – How to support them in high-performance apprenticeships and work-based learning. 12 policy pointers proposed by the ET 2020 Working Group on Vocational Education and Training (January 2016 – June 2018), p. 27, 48.

Policy Recommendations for the Integration of Work-based Learning and Apprenticeship in the VET System (project NewWBL), p. 15.