Where to find professional companionship

Hiring a companion is an important decision. Companions can be hired through certified home care agencies, which are regulated by the state and conduct background checks. They may also be hired through non-certified agencies that provide nonmedical home services or as independent contractors.

The unique needs and preferences of the older adult play a critical role in finding a suitable companion. It’s common for family members to identify a particular type of companion — perhaps someone who can drive, or who has experience with dementia — but these criteria aren’t necessarily enough to find the best match.

Agencies also assess the client’s personal needs to match them with a companion, explains Karpilow. This is helpful because it ensures that the person receiving care isn’t being underserved by a companion who’s not able to fulfill their needs.

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Agencies that provide professional companionship often have strict protocols in place to ensure their caregivers are the right fit for clients. They will assess a client’s personal needs and match them with the appropriate caregiver, which can be an invaluable asset for family members who don’t have time to interview candidates themselves.

Additionally, agencies can help facilitate the hiring process by providing references, background checks and more. This can be especially beneficial for family members who aren’t familiar with the local home care industry and want to feel confident their loved one is in good hands.

Whether it’s sitting down to a cup of tea, reminiscing about the past or accompanying them on visits with friends and family, companions provide much-needed social interaction that can improve mental and physical wellbeing. As such, finding the best companion for your loved one is essential for their quality of life and for your peace of mind. If you’re considering hiring a companion, consider the following tips:


Individuals may hire their own live-in companion care providers and can post ads on websites like Craigslist or Facebook. Karpilow says it is important for families to conduct thorough background checks of prospective companion caregivers, because minor crimes might not show up on a criminal record check.

Companions can provide emotional, mental and physical benefits to seniors or adults with health challenges. They can help monitor health issues, such as taking note when an adult needs to visit the hospital. They can assist with daily activities and provide camaraderie by listening to a client’s stories, showing them old photos or playing their favorite music. They can run errands and accompany their employer to medical appointments and social events. They can even help with simple tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. Companions can often provide relief from loneliness and isolation, and give individuals the freedom to explore their social network.